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Building Relationships 

Now in our fourth decade, we’re proud to have industry–wide recognition for the high quality beef products we produce. More than that, we’re proud to have forged such loyal relationships at every level of our business.

We have learned over the years that it’s not enough to merely respond to customer’s needs. We anticipate them by offering a broader range of products; doing our best to be right first time and ultimately putting the steps in place to ensure our quality is both measurable and consistent.

Today and Tomorrow 

We are a modern enterprise focused on remaining relevant and responsive to our customers. The future for the Foyle Food Group is exciting. By continuing to innovate and setting new standards in product quality, processes and livestock care, we are finding new ways to meet the demands of the retail, manufacturing and catering sectors. With this in mind, we have created a new identity to communicate the choice and quality that’s uniquely available through the Foyle Food Group.