Foyle Food Group

Making Choice Easy


Our lairages are leading edge when it comes to observing animal welfare best practice. With curved races, non slip floors, a constant feed and water supply, and optimum pen spacing and sizes, we have all the ingredients necessary to maintain the highest welfare standards. 


Designed with speed and precision in mind, our processing halls – slaughtering and deboning – are all EC approved. From carcase auto grading machines to mechanical deboning, we employ the latest technology to maximise efficiencies, maintain hygiene levels and deliver consistency. 


There is evidence to suggest that over 70% of beef quality is determined post slaughter and as a result we take practices such as chilling beef very seriously. We take care to ensure that carcases are well spaced in chills so that there is no touching. The fact that we have considerable chilled storage space enables us to chill and mature beef in batches according to pre–selected carcase criteria and specifications.

This ensures that doors remain closed and that cold air circulation is not disrupted. Gradual and consistent chilling is important especially in the hours post slaughter. The use of High Voltage Electrical Stimulation combined with proper chilling and maturation practices allows us to achieve excellent results in beef primal tenderness. 

To encapsulate key criteria in our processes, we abide by a simple mantra: ‘keep it lean, cold and clean’.   


All of these processes are monitored by an online, real time IT system which ensures that stringent controls are executed at critical points of each process flow. This forms the basis of our Total Quality Management System.