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Foyle Producers

Using traditional practices passed down from generation to generation, our cattle are cared for by small, dedicated, family–run farms across the UK and Ireland. With over 3000 members, our exclusive producer clubs – Foyle Valley, Donegal Direct, Melton Mowbray and Severn Vale – provide us with a 52–week–a–year supply of farm quality assured livestock.

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Foyle Valley Producers

Generations of farming – the Loughreys.

Grass–fed Beef

In Ireland we’re blessed with so much pure, clean rain, we have the highest growth rate of grass in the Northern hemisphere. In fact, 80% of farmland in Ireland is grassland; that’s double the European average!

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Grass–fed Beef

As mother nature intended.

Ireland – the Beef Island

Ireland is the world’s 4th largest net exporter of beef, producing enough prime succulent beef to feed 30 million hungry mouths per year! This is quite some feat when you consider that it only has a population of just 5 million people.

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Ireland – the Beef Island

Ireland – the Beef Island.


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