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Making Choice Easy

Providing consistent
quality and choice

In recent years, retailers have adopted a ‘Good, Better, Best’ approach to their product ranges. With Making Choice Easy in mind, we have created our very own product hierarchy which is carefully designed to suit different customer and market requirements:

Omega 3

  • Premium – Blackmoran Angus, Glenslieve Hereford, Redman Limousin and Dry Aged Foyle Gourmet
  • Plus – Foyle Cattleman’s and Foyle Gourmet
  • Standard – Foyle Blue
  • Value – Sperrin Fresh and Foyle Basics

Each range is produced according to different quality criteria and some have welfare and environmental seals of approval such as Pure Life and Brio. They all have one thing in common though. They are all produced from cattle that have been nourished on a diet of fresh green grass which of course has many health and nutritional benefits. For more information on our grass–fed beef, click on the Omega 3 logo.

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